Coal from RUSSIA Sale Delivery in the best conditions

Coal supplies from Russia

The Coal Exchange offers wholesale supplies of coal from Russia. We are a reliable supplier of coal all over the world.

Confidence of the parties

We are open to cooperation, we will provide you with all the information for the transaction. We count on the same openness.

Coal supplying regions

The Coal Exchange offers you direct deliveries from mines from the regions: Kuzbass, Rostov, Vladivostok and Mongolia.

How to find out coal prices

If you would like to know the price of coal, please send us a LOI. We work in accordance with international standards.

Coal mines in Russia

 Coal mines in Russia. Coal is a reliable online supplier from Russia. Global coal news,  coal prices and expert market analysis. Steam coal (thermal coal) – common fuel for electricity generation;. Coking coal (metallurgical coal) – unsubstituted fuel for primary crude steel production.


per ton of coal


per ton of coal


per ton of coal

Frequently asked questions

The Coal Exchange offers wholesale coal of various brands for export. We are awaiting your LOI request and will send our SCO proposal to you. We work on the basis of international standards and are ready to agree on the best conditions for the supply of coal for you.

The Coal Exchange offers its customers a comprehensive procurement solution. You get access to an active community of coal suppliers and buyers throughout Russia. We cover everything from purchasing to selling and shipping. Our comprehensive offerings make us a leader in the coal supply chain in Russia.

The supply of coal will be based on a contract signed between the buyer and the coal mine. All international standards based on INCOTERMS will be followed. We supply coal all over the world and do it very professionally.

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