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Market Analysis

The Exchange experts will offer promising sales markets for your products, find buyers for the goods. Agree SCO.

Buyer contracts

The exchange offers ready-made contracts for buyers looking for goods and suppliers. Consulting and outsourcing.

Contracts for sellers

The exchange offers ready-made contracts for suppliers wishing to sell their goods. Consulting and outsourcing.

Pre-contractual work

The Exchange experts will carry out pre-contractual work at the level of international standards. They will offer a ready-made contract.

Cooperation regulations

  1. Offer your product (buy-sell) by sending a request to WhatsApp or  e-mail. 
  2. We analyze your request and contact you to agree on positions and terms of service.
  3. After agreement, we send you an invoice-contract, with the terms and conditions accepted by the parties.
  4. After payment, we proceed to the execution of the contract.
  5. At the end of the robots, we sign the act.

The order of prices is given below, All offers can be found in the tab «prices«. You can also subscribe to video channel with our suggestions, solutions and reviews. 


Placement of goods on the exchange


Trade Consulting Buy Sell Product


support of trade project outsourcing


The Exchange is an online trading platform that profits from the transactions of buyers and sellers. The Trade Union Exchange offers ready-made contracts for the purchase and sale of the customer’s goods (export, import). The Trade Union Exchange carries out all the preparatory pre-contract work. A personal trading broker works with you to ensure that your company enters a contract.

The Trade Union exchange works with the customer until the contract (transaction) is executed. The broker attached to the customer reports weekly to the customer, proposing a strategy for the sale of the goods. Our partner, the Soyuzconsult network of international experts, will offer a range of foreign economic activities to support your turnkey project. If the parties are interested, cooperation is discussed on the terms of the commission from the transaction.

The algorithm of the Exchange allows you to find clients (buyers, sellers, exporters, importers) from all over the world that meet the interests and requirements of the customer (member of the Trade Union) Personal broker.

Customers are manufacturers, suppliers — legal entities interested in selling their products in bulk, for export, all over the world. Either commercial structures interested in purchasing raw materials for their production, or for further resale. Clients looking for goods from all over the world also act as members of the Trade Union Exchange.

Contact in any convenient way offered on the Souztrade.Ru website. Recommended communication method WhatsApp +79169906144 Ask your questions and get the best cooperation scheme.

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