Egypt — the leader in the supply of onions to russia!

Egypt — the leader in the supply of onions to russia!. According to the results of the quarter, the high import volume is observed at the onions on the relevant HS code 0703101900. For the 2nd quarter of 2017, the onion import market in money terms was $ 86.1 million.

Meanwhile, the import volume for the period under review increased by 150%! The period of sustainable growth is 11 months. The coefficient of activity is 7.6. The coefficient of activity is determined by calculation based on the period of existence and the nature of the growth of the commodity market on the basis of the author’s methodology of the company.

The leader among the sending countries was Egypt

It should be noted that 35 Russian regions were engaged in import of onions. The leader among them was the Krasnodar Territory. It was to this region that 48% of onions were imported. The leader among the sending countries was Egypt with a share in imports of 35%.

  • high coefficient of market activity;
  • the amount of trade exceeds 500 thousand USD / quarter;
  • The percentage of growth by the same quarter last year is higher than 10%.

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