Экспорт веников 出口扫帚 Export of brooms. Банные веники на экспорт

Экспорт веников 出口扫帚 Export of brooms. Торговый союз предлагает оптом банные веники на экспорт в страны Западной Европы Азии и СНГ. Мы предоставляем полное сопровождение сделки. Производители веника из России. Продукция крупнейших заводов по изготовлению веника: сравнение цены, предпочтительных стран экспорта.

出口扫帚。 工会提供批发浴扫帚,出口到西欧、亚洲和独联体国家。 我们提供全面的交易支持。 来自俄罗斯的扫帚制造商。 最大扫帚厂的产品:价格比较,首选出口国家。

Export of brooms. The trade union offers wholesale bath brooms for export to the countries of Western Europe, Asia and the CIS. We provide full transaction support. Broom manufacturers from Russia. Products of the largest broom factories: price comparison, preferred export countries.



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Oak Bath Broom Venik Broom for Russian Sauna Banya Bath House Natural Wood Oak Bath besom
Brand: RussianVenik
Currently unavailable.
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.
Brand RussianVenik
Material Wood
Handle Material Wood
Surface Recommendation Hard Floor
About this item
Broom for Russian bath and sauna
Broom for your health
Broom bath for rejuvenation
Broom bath for longevity

Birch broom is recommended

Birch broom is recommended for use in the treatment of stretch marks and abrasions. It has a general calming effect on the body. Experienced bath attendants use a broom as the second part of their bath routine. First, they go to the steam room to open all the pores of their body and cleanse themselves of toxins.