Buy BIO fertilizer

Buy BIO fertilizer


Buy BIO fertilizer

Based on bird droppings. For all types of soil and plants. Balanced npk content. Increases productivity by more than 30% in comparison with other types of fertilizers. We make organic fertilizers. Our business is driven by the world’s increasing need for food and our objective is simple: to help farmers everywhere improve crop yield and quality.

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Nourishing Our Future

Restores the humus layer. Increases the content of nitrogen, potassium and mobile phosphates in the soil. Accelerates the open root system of plants. Profit yield up to 25-30%. Increases seedlings, shoots and vegetative mass of plants. Increases the microbiological activity of the soil. Increases soil fertility for a long time. Increasing the resistance of plants to bacterial and fungal diseases (late blight, scab, root rot, fusariosis, etc.). Restores optimal soil acidity.

Fertilizer efficiency

Since the nutrients are in organic form, they are less washed out of the soil, enter it gradually over a long period without creating a high concentration of salts, which increases not only the crop, but also its quality. According to the effect on crop productivity, bird droppings nutrients not inferior to an equal amount of nutrients of mineral fertilizers.

Improving crop quality

Improving the quality of crops (the amount of protein in grain, sugar in root crops, starch in tubers, vitamins in vegetables and fruits)


Preservation of effectiveness for up to 3 years


40-50% reduction in fertilizer costs

Organic fertilizer benefits

The main difference and advantage from mineral fertilizers is that in addition to nutrition of the plant itself, organic fertilizers improve the structure of the soil. Mineral fertilizers, on the contrary, quickly give elements to plants, stimulating their growth, but harm the soil. This leads to the need to apply various mineral fertilizers constantly. Mineral fertilizers cannot serve as a food source for soil microorganisms and earthworms, and even repels them due to soil oxidation.

Over time, the land that was cultivated only with mineral fertilizers loses useful organic substances and important living microorganisms, which are the basis of the structure of a good, fertile soil. Then the ability of the soil to retain water will be lost, which will lead to leaching of chemical fertilizers. This leads to the need to increase the dose of drugs used to stimulate plant growth. When using organic fertilizers, such negative soil changes do not occur.

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