Buyers and suppliers in Russia 俄罗斯的买家和供应商 2022

Buyers and suppliers in Russia 俄罗斯的买家和供应商 . Have you ever asked yourself where to find wholesale customers (buyers) and suppliers directrly? Where and how to effectively advertise your business to wholesalers and retailers? How to find reliable manufacturers and wholesale suppliers?

俄罗斯的买家和供应商。 你有没有问过自己在哪里可以直接找到批发客户(买家)和供应商? 在哪里以及如何有效地向批发商和零售商宣传您的业务? 如何找到可靠的制造商和批发供应商?

Do you want to start exporting, or expand the expansion of your business in foreign markets? Fabulous! Our experience, tools and connections can be useful in solving your problem. The network of international experts «Souzconsalt», since 2008, has been helping business owners to increase the profits of companies in global markets.

Here are some ways how to promote your company to wholesale buyers from all over the CIS and not only:

  • Participate in exhibitions in key CIS cities
  • Add your company on a single wholesale online platform of the CIS and the EAEU
  • Advertise your business on Google and Yandex
  • Build a dealer and agent network

More about each way of attracting wholesale customers:

Buyers and suppliers in Russia WhatsApp +79169906144 

Participation in thematic exhibitions in key CIS cities

Annually, a huge number of exhibitions are held in different sectors in different cities throughout Russia and the CIS (EAEU). The largest exhibitions are held in Moscow on such venues as:
Crocus Expo
Sokolniki and others.

A few more sites where you can find suitable exhibitions and industry events:

expomap.ru — Schedule of Russian Exhibitions

exponet.ru — search exhibitions by the cities of Russia.

Add your company on a single wholesale online platform of the CIS and the EAEU

Another great way to attract wholesale buyers is the single ecommerce platform of Russia and the CIS  Qoovee.com. To date, the supplier base in Qoovee is more than 19 000 companies, tens of thousands of wholesale buyers from different countries visit the platform every day. Besides, there are thousands of wholesale deals and hundreds of thousands of page views of products and companies.

There is a “Suppliers” section within the qoovee.com. Actually it is an online exhibition held on  24/7  base, and where wholesale buyers look for suppliers of products from all around the world.

On the “Products” section, wholesale buyers discover  products of suppliers. Indeed, it is a huge wholesale matketplace where buyers can easily and quickly create a request for an order.

Also you can participate in commercial biddings within Qoovee Marketplace. As a buyer you can create a RFQ (Request For Quotation) to get multiple prices, terms of delivery, and deal conditions, relatively as a supplier you can send your offer.

The Qoovee.com platform is not an intermediary, so your contacts will be available to buyers and they will be able to contact you directly.

One of the most effective ways to attract wholesale buyers or find manufacturers and suppliers is contextual advertising in Google and Yandex. Wholesalers often look for suppliers through search engines. They type keywords in a search  engine like “Children’s clothing wholesale”, or “clothing manufacturers”, “dried fruits in bulk” etc.

It’s important to be on the first page of searching for keywords that relate to your products. All about how to do it, how to attract wholesale customers through Google and Yandex, and how to find out how many wholesale buyers are looking for exactly your products in search engines like Google and Yandex is here, and absolutely for free.

Build a dealer and agent network

Why is it profitable to build a dealer network? The answer is obvious: the dealer will invest his resources and will do the same as you if you would have opened a representative office.

The development of a dealer and agent network will allow you to cover large areas and expand your sale market with minimal resources. The main point is the availability of quality products and network building system.

Олег Паладьев

Паладьев Олег Николаевич – международный эксперт по вопросам глобального предпринимательства, и развитию внешнеэкономической деятельности https://wa.me/79169906144. Персональные консультации для собственников и руководителей бизнеса (стратегические сессии, коучинг, аутсорсинг). Предпринимательская практика с 1994 года.

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